Monday, July 11, 2011

Tomato lotus garnish

Most people think that chopping up few vegetables or fruit with some dressing on top makes a good salad.  But, see the difference it makes when you add some decorative touch.  It's like a gift box wrapped in a plain white paper.  But when you wrap up the same gift with a colourful paper, add ribbons, bows, flowers and the embellishments, it is going to look very special , no matter what kind of gift you have inside... the same principle applies to dressing up your food. If you add some decorative touch, it will look extrodinarily vibrant. The main reason behind it is, what appeals to the eyes, appeals to the mouth...
Here is a Tomato garnish, carved to look like lotus flower.... It can be used in your salads, Vegetable platters, main dish garnish ..etc.

Items required:
Firm and red tomato
Sharp pairing knife

Here's how it goes...
Wash the tomato, pat dry.
Using the knife,cut the tomato right in the middle, making V V V marks turning it  around.
Gently separate the two halves of tomato, making sure not to squeeze too hard.
you will see the chambers filled with juice.  Take out the juice with the fingers. (Using sharp tools can bruise the tomato and can alter the shape)
Starting at the tip of each petal, gently peel the tomato.  Make sure it is still attached to the tomato at the base.

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