Friday, July 15, 2011

60 Great Healthy Snacking ideas

These great Healthy snacking ideas were given to me by a Public health Nurse, when I was pregnant with my daughter, to have between the meals.  These ideas are not just for pregnant women  but also for all those who  trying to loose weight or  trying to maintain a healthy weight . People who are on the weight loss programs normally eat small but frequent meals, these ideas can be really helpful, if portion size is controlled and spaced equally through the day.  These ideas can also be used for the Kids from toddler age, up until adulthood. Teenagers need a bit more quantity than mentioned, as their appetite and activity levels are higher.
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Healthy Snacking ideas:

1.Celery stuffed with low-fat cottage cheese and chopped olives

2. Bunch of grapes                                                 

3. Peanut butter spread on Banana halves

4. Glass of chilled low- fat milk

5. Wholewheat toast spread with applesauce and a spinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg

6. Marinated cauliflowerettes

7. Handful of whole grain cereal

8. Sesame breadsticks

9. Half a grapefruit

10. Toasted sunflower seeds

11. Slice of pizza

12. Vegetable cocktail with celery stick (V8)

13. Frozen banana rolled in chopped nuts

14. Toasted cornbread

15. Baked apple filled with chopped pineapple and nuts

16. Broiled eggplant slice topped with tomato sauce and a little grated cheese.

17. Glass of ice cold buttermilk

18. Tangarine

19. Falafel

20. Plain low-fat yogurt with peach slices and sprinkled with instant coffee.

21. One slice of whole wheat bagel.

22. Handful of unsalted peanuts

23. Plain popcorn with garlic chilli curry powder, parmesan cheese or other seasonings

24. Pine apple, grapefruit juice cocktail

25. 1 cup chowmein noodles

26. Carrot juice

27. Shredded wheat with low fat milk

28. Banana topped with low fat yogurt and cinnamon

29. Wedge of honey dew melon with a squeeze of lime

30. Partially thawed frozen strawberries

31. Egg salad ( made with low fat dressing) on a slice of dark rye bread.

32. Hot apple juice with a stick of cinnamon

33.Tahini ( ground sesame seed paste) on melba toast or pita bread

34. Fresh veggies with low calorie dip

35. Tomato slice with tuna salad ( made with low- fat dressing)

36. Tomato juice with dash of hot sauce.

37. Slice of Cantaloupe filled with low fat cottage cheese

38. Steamed broccolli pieces sprinkled with lemon juice

39. Crisp apple

40. Handful of toasted Almonds

41. Tossed salad with low- fat dressing.

42. Open faced tomato and lettuce sandwich.

43. Baked potato with parmesan cheese

44. Dill pickle

45. Papaya juice

46. Cherry tomatoes dipped in herbed low fat yogurt

47. Ambrosia( orange slices and coconut)

48. Raw vegetables with hummus( chick pea and tahini dip)

49. Cup of Vegetable soup

50. Fruitcicles ( frozen fruit juice)

51. Wedge of watermelon

52. Open faced radish sandwich

53. Coleslaw made with low fat dressing

54. Cucumber and onion slices with vinegar

55. Bean dip with rye crackers or melba toast

56. Homemade muffin

57. Health shake: apple juice, low-fat yogurt, strawberries and wheat germ whirled in a blender.

58. Rice cake

59. Bowl of fresh cherries

60. Choc on the rocks ( chocolate milk poured over ice)

Healthy low calorie beverages: 1. Herbal tea

2. Mineral water with a twist of lime

3. Club soda with a slice of orange

4. Cup of beef stock or chicken stock

5. Hot water with lemon juice

6. Diet soft drinks.

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