Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sprouts salad

        The stage in which the seeds starts growing into a baby plant, with just a spike protruding or having two baby leaves is considered to be "Sprouts the Super food" . At this stage, it is rich in antioxidants, disease preventing phytochemicals, high quality protein and enzymes. There is life, there is regeneration in the sprouts. It is a growing food source, which is helpful when added in our daily food intake. While raw foods are valuable to health, sprouts add double amount of health benefits like increased energy levels, improved health, younger looking skin etc . It is dieter's wonder food. It can be had at any time of the day. Instead of having sugar filled, oil rich foods for the breakfast, Sprouts gives that extra boost to start off your day. Growing your own sprouts is easy ,convenient and affordable. Sprouts can be stored for 3 days in the refrigerator. Once you've mastered the art of sprouting , the rewards are endless and it is worth all the effort.  

        I have seen 2 varieties of sprouts, selling in the Indian super markets in Toronto, which is also convenient but, it will pinch your pocket over a period of time. Make it a point to fall in love with the sprouts ( even if you don't want to ...) you will reap excellent health benefits and will not regret your decision, which I learned it from Dr. Manthena, a Naturopath.

Here is a wonderful recipe you'll definately fall in love with... You can use any variety of sprouts . I used mung  (green lentils) and kala chana  (chick peas/ garbonzo)for this recipe.  
Mixed Sprouts - 1 cup
Red sweet bell pepper - 1/2 chopped
Green bell pepper - 1/2 chopped
Orange bell pepper - 1/2 chopped
Yellow bell pepper - 1/2 chopped
Cucumber - 1/2 chopped
Roma tomato - 1 deseeded, chopped
Creamy poppy seed dressing (kraft) - 2/3 tbsp

Combine all the above ingredients in a large bowl. Add the dressing and toss well.  Arrange it on the bed of lettuce and garnish with your favourite vegetables.  Serve cold.

Tip:  Dressing can be added just before serving.


  1. Colorful and delicious ...looks very gud

  2. Thanks Priti, I prepared this for a large crowd of 50 people. This was one of the item...

  3. Healthy, filling n always delicious!
    US Masala