Friday, October 22, 2010

Sprout maker - product review

Ever since I watched Dr. Manthena Sathyanarayana Raju , (Naturopath Doctor) on T.V. I became a huge fan of his diet and recipes.  He is so clear in his thoughts and expression. He has a big fan following of health and diet concious people in India. He recommends  to have sprouts each morning for breakfast.   My Mom makes the sprouts using a cloth. I didn't want to use the cloth and was exploring modern methods to make the sprouts. I looked for sprout maker in the Canadian markets and finally I found "Action Sprout maker" I was really excited to bring this beauty to add to my kitchen gadgets and thought atleast now I can start my day on a healthy note.

Sprouting is the practice of rinsing and soaking, storing the seeds until they germinate, or sprout.The sprouts should be eaten, fully with the skin, leaves and roots. There are many culinary uses of sprouts such as adding in soups, salads, sandwiches. It is best eaten raw instead of putting it through cooking process. Cooking the sprouts destroys its nutrients.

sprouts are living food, it represents the miracle of birth. This live food rejuvenates body cells and tissues and provides energy. Sprouts are rich sources of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, phytochemicals,anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes and have curative properties. Sprouts have long been known as "health food." . Sprouts contain an abundance of highly active anti-oxidants that prevent cell destruction and protect us from the ongoing effects of aging.

These are the guidelines to use the  "Action sprout maker" as per the manufacturer:

Soak the beans in water for overnite.
Sprout maker consists of 3 compartments. Top compartment for the fresh water. Second compartment is for putting the soaked beans . Third compartment is for the water collection from the beans.
Rinse the sprout maker thoroughly before each use. Add fresh water on the top compartment. Put soaked beans in the second compartment i.e. middle rack. leave the bottom compartment empty. The water from the top compartment drips through the second rack and goes down to the third compartment. The collected water can be reused to water the plants.

I followed all the directions on the box. I waited for my sprouts to sprout ... one day passed, two days passed, third day, finally, I see the sprouts! wooo hooo! but I also see the fungus on the sprouts. Oh gosh!
I was just wondering, what went wrong?? Then I realised,there is some fault with the air circulation.  If your sprouts can’t breathe while growing - they can die. Can’t put them in a closed cabinet. In between Rinse and Drain cycles your sprouts do their growing. During that time it is essential that they breathe. The best sprouting devices help them breathe.  I found this as a faulty device. It is not a scientifically designed product. Hence, I don't recommend this product.

Now I have to switch back to my Mom's best method , the old traditional style of sprout making.

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