Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lamb kofta curry

My mom uses besan as a binding agent in the koftas, except that, I didn't change this recipe. A lot of variations can be done in the koftas, as well as in sauces. Cream is used for smooth and creamy texture in the sauces. Koftas can be made using either lamb or beef.


Lamb kofta curry
Ingredients for the Koftas:
Minced lamb -1 lb
Egg - 1
Bread crumbs - 1/4 cup
Cilantro - 1tbsp chopped
Green chillies - 2 chopped
Fresh mint -1tbsp chopped
large onion -1 chopped
Ginger garlic paste -1tsp
Chilli pwd - 1/2 tsp (Optional)
Garam masala pwd - 1/2 tsp
oil for frying

Ingredients for the sauce:
Ginger garlic paste -1tsp
Onions - 2 ground to paste
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Chilli pwd - 1tsp
Daniya pwd - 1tsp
Turmeric a pinch
Tomatoes - 2 blanched, de-skinned and chopped
                   or Tomato puree - 2tbsp
Garam masala - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
For garnish:
Yogurt - 2 tbsp

Squeeze out any excess water from the meat and place it in a large bowl. Add in the egg, bread crumbs and mix well.

Combine the ingredients for the meatball together and grind to a paste. Add this paste to the bowl containing the meat and egg mixture and mix well.

Roll the meatball mixture into small balls.

Heat oil in a wok and fry the meatballs over a high heat in order to seal in the juices, but not long enough to cook the meat.

In a seperate dish pour oil and add the ground onions for the sauce. Sauté until golden brown. Add in the ground ginger garlic paste, mix well and sauté for another minute. Next, add the chilli pwd, daniya, salt, turmeric and garam masala and cook over a gentle heat . Add the tomatoes and cook over a moderate heat until they turn soft and the sauce takes on a smooth texture.

Pour in about 1/2 cup of water and bring the sauce to a simmer. Now place the meatballs in the sauce gently, so that they don’t disintegrate. Cover the pan and simmer for another 20 minutes.

To serve, beat the yoghurt till smooth and pour over the meatball curry. Serve hot with roti, paranta, or rice.

Tips:  Koftas can be made one day ahead of time and freeze them. Drop it in the sauce whenever you need them. Flatten the koftas for variation in appearance.


  1. beautyful and tastey koffta curry fatima teacher

  2. Thankyou teacher. Greatly appreciate your comment.