Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crinkle cut carrots

During the Christmas dinner or special dinners, If you want to make your food look extra special , crinkle cutter adds that extra zip to your dish. The same old carrots and potatoes can look amazingly beautiful when placed in the chicken roasts.
Carrot is such a versatile vegetable, anything can be carved out of it , can be added to any vegetarian and non-veg dish, make desserts etc. Crinkled cut carrots can be used in many different ways to add a special touch to your food. It can be used as a Garnish, in Soups, Salads, Roasts, Pickles or just enjoy the fresh crinkled cut carrots with a delicious dip.

Crinkle cutter and use:
The crinkle cutter is a small handy kitchen gadget, read... food garnishing tool.. Normally used for potatoes to make the crinkle cut french fries. A must have for all kitchens... It has a semi sharp (curved)corrugated edge to give that beautiful crinkle on a vegetable. This tool can be used for potatoes, beetroots, carrots , cheese or any root vegetable  and  can be used to cut the home made ravioli or any dough to give that curvy edges.

How to make Crinkle cuts?
Take a fresh carrot, Wash and peel.  Make slices length wise (like a ribbon)about 1/4th of an inch thickness. Now use the crinkle cutter to cut them. Play around with it and you will know how to use it in a flash.

Serving kids: Kids love the funny shapes and will enjoy the carrots. You will be happy serving them their daily dose of Vit A through this vegetable.

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