Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tomato flower garnish

The lusious red colour  of tomatoes adds beauty to any vegetable platter, makes any  food presentation come alive. Here, I took a firm, red tomato and made slits all around, making it look like petals, and opened  it very carefully. Don't cut all the way through till the bottom, make sure to leave some space.  Space it out nice and evenly between the petals.   I took an apple corer to make a circle in the middle.  Place this beauty in the centre of fresh vegetable or salad bowl  or use it as a garnish for  your favorite dishes.

This is my contribution to the Event Create N Carve:

Create &Carve Event


  1. Very beautifully done, looks gorgeous.

  2. Nice looking garnish!

  3. Thanks for taking part in March Create and Carve. I have finally posted the round up!

  4. Such apretty flower carving.
    April create and carve is being held at simply .food.
    Please do send some entries.