Friday, March 4, 2011

Honeydew carving

Here's a beautiful and easy way to garnish your fruits.  Either you can make this as a centre peice for your fruit decoration platter or make it as a fruit or dessert serving bowl. All you need to make this presentation is a special tool called    "   6" V cutter  " .  It normally comes double sided.  One side is "V" shaped, the other side is "U" shaped.  You can also use  thin pointy sharp knife but the outcome is not going to be the same . 

Honeydew melon
6" V cutter tool
Fruits of choice

Wash and dry honey dew.  Mark the centre of the honey dew.   Take the V cutter ( pick any size you want ) and push it deep inside for about 3 inches or until you reach the centre where the seeds are inside the melon.  Go around and do the same thing.   Once you finish doing it around, Open it apart and scoop out the seeds.  Fill it with fruits or dessert.
Tip: You can also use the melon balls to fill up .

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