Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grape Juice

My hub bought these beautiful Ontario Blue grapes from farmer's market, from Downtown.

Grapes are fully loaded with natural vitamins and minerals such as A, B1,B2, B6, C.  Grapes also have beta carotene. It works like a stimulant to the nervous system.. Rich in anti-oxidants, anti- inflammatory agents, calcium, potassium.  Grapes are available all round the year but most of it is used by the wine making industry. There's nothing like a fresh glass of Grape juice.

The recipe to make this  Grape Juice is ...... there is no recipe at all ...

Wash it nicely without any pesticide residue , add water and blend it, strain it with a seive, and there you go! add ice cubes if you prefer.
Some people add sugar, salt and sprinkle some chat masala on top to make it spicy.
I like mine really simple without any added ingredients. It's already sweet, just as the nature intended for us.

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