Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our earlier generation - food

Author: Hephzi
Edited by: Molly rodrigues

When I look back, I'm  always  amazed by the healthy life style and the healthy eating habits of my Parents and Grand parents or I should say earlier generation.  My father is about to hit 90 yrs, even today, he wakes up at 4 am to water the plants.  I have never seen my mother sitting idle . My Mother and Grand Mother never had a cook book, nor had any electronic data base of recipes, never owned those fancy kitchen gadgets. I don't think they had an idea about the sources of vitamins and minerals nor the concept of balanced diet they gave to their families. My Mother may have known a bit about vitamins etc, but her Mother certainly didn't.  Yet, my Grandmother managed to raise 11 children, who lived/ living happy and  healthy life to their fullest extent. My mother managed with 6 children, exactly the same way as her mother did.

The secret is very simple, they used the freshest of ingredients,  right from their garden .The mini farm was right in their backyard, and they used the meat products which were not induced by any hormones or steroids or anti- biotics. They had the rich knowledge of plants and herbs. They know the healing powers of various plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. My Mother has never seen canned / tinned food in her life, no preserved food (except  jams /pickles),  no freezers, or fast food or instant quick fix dinners.  Even today,  my dad, even if  a big banquet is arranged in front of him, he won't be tempted to eat it all. He will eat his only regular limited quantity.
This makes me wonder, what we are upto in these modern days???

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