Friday, July 4, 2014

Cantaloupe carving

Here is a beautiful carving made out of a Cantaloupe.   It takes lots of patience and practice to get the excellent results but this one seems to be pretty easy, though looks very complicated.  Makes a good table decoration for special occasions.  We can make two out of a single cantaloupe.
Here is the method:
1.  Choose a firm Cantaloupe. 
2. Draw two lines across, in the middle of the Cantaloupe.
3. In between the two lines,draw big V shapes going up and down all the way around.
4.With a sharp knife cut the V lines.
5. Separate the two lobes.
6. Peel the skin half way through making it look like a petal.
7.  To make extra petals, cut a little piece off between the petals, to make it look like they are separated and not clumpy.
8. cut the base off to keep it nice and steady.
Place it in any table decoration.

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