Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fresh cut vegetables with dip

Canada Blooms, the Flower and Garden festival - The annual horticultural show is conducted in the city of Toronto. It is the annual celebration of Canada's flowers and Gardening industry. They have a theme for every year. This year it was " Rythms". Every year millions of visitors enjoy this spectacular event. I love flowers and enjoy gardening. For me, it's a feast to the eyes, paradise for the senses. The mesmerizing natural perfume of the flowers touching my olfactory nerves, visually appealing grandeur display of colourful floral designs, beautiful indoor landscapes, celebrity flower arrangements from all over the world, the home made goodies like brittles, jams , Gourmet dips, flavoured honey,  food samples... hmm .. hmmm.. good. I never miss such events, it transports me to a different world altogether. My daughter says, it's a "festival of fairies", I am sure millions of people agree to this statement. Then, there is natural play area for the kids.

I bought three flavours of gourmet dips mix, Tex mex salsa, country cajun,smoking chipotle and lime. It tasted really delicious, even the bland vegetables tasted so good...  my friends loved and enjoyed the dip. so here's the recipe ... choose your favourite flavour,  mix 1 cup of mayonaise and 1 cup of sour cream and 1 pack of the mix.  There you go, you got yourself a tasty gourmet dip.  Wondering how to get one of these? Here is the website you can order online. (  Note:  I am not working for them. The product is too good to keep it a secret) 

If you can't get one of these, Don't worry! Here is the recipe for you to make your own.  I only had few mins to attend a gathering and prepared this in a rush...

Table arrangement: Be creative and  arrange the veggies on the platter, you can also add some garnishings, like carrot flowers, cucumber garnish to make it more interesting....
Use vegetable trays as a centerpiece for any occasion. Arrange assorted vegetables around the edges of the tray. Place a dipping  in the center of the tray.  To customize for any festivals/ holidays, surround the tray with holiday flowers such as holly,  poinsettias  and greenery  for Christmas, Lillies for Easter.  Assorted fall coloured leaves for Halloween parties.

Sour cream - 1 cup
Cream cheese - 2 tbsp
Fresh garlic - very finely chopped
Sugar - a pinch ( optional)
Fresh or dried dill - 1/4 tsp finely chopped

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly and serve chilled with your favourite vegetables.  Keep refrigerated until served.

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