Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cucumber necklace salad

Here is my 150th post !!!
I can hardly belive, I'm publishing my 150th post in less than a year. The moment I started it, I had no idea where it is heading towards and how the people are going to recieve it..... I am thoroughly enjoying my time blogging my fav recipes. I hope you are enjoying reading it as well. I take this opportunity to Thank all my readers who are frequent visitors.There are unanimous readers, silent readers, secret followers I would like to thank each one of you. I would like to thank all the members who are openly following the blog. I Thank and greatly appreciate all those who left their valuable comments on the posts. I always encourage and welcome the input from my readers. Feel free to post your comments, it certainly encourges me. As you can see, Cooking is an endless, vast subject, where there is lot to learn and explore and lot more to look forward to. I will of course continue to post my recipes and blog my cooking adventures and discoveries.
Thank you all, here's to more recipes to follow in the coming years!
Here is a beautiful Cucumber necklace I created to mark my 150th post . It will make a beautiful vegetable salad  on your table for any occasion. You can create ear rings, finger rings to go with it.....It's upto your imagination!! What best you could give to a mother, on Mother's day?  try this one out and set it out on table, she will be impressed by your skill.

You need:
Sharp knife
Vegetable peeler
Apple corer / small circle shaped cookie cutter.


Wash the cucumber and pat dry.
Cut one end of the cucumber, about 2 inches and keep it aside for making the pendent/ locket.
Peel the rest of the cucumber with vegetable peeler, use the curvy side to get the ridges, showing partly skin and partly flesh.
Slice the cucumber with half inch thickness. Scoop out the seeds. You can either use a small cookie cutter or apple corer to take the seeds out. Now you got the rings. All you need to do it to make a cut on the cucumber slices to make a link.
Connect one another like a chain and arrange them on the plate.

For the pendant: Make V cuts around the cucumber ( use the piece that is saved) to make it look like a flower. Now cut the cucumber skin, like peeling. Do not totally detach the skin from the flesh. Scoop out the seeds in the middle and replace it with a piece of tomato cut in round shape . Level the bottom to make it sit firmly. You can do the same with tomato...

I am contributing this for  Create & Carve  Event,  for the month of  May, conducted by Nayna and hosted by  Harika's kitchen

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