Friday, February 11, 2011

Cucumber garnish

My culinary approach is based on using simple ingredients and simple methods to make it into exceptionally good  meals.   You don't need elaborate list of ingredients or fancy kitchen gadgets to make an outstanding meal. You need a bit creativity and bit of culinary knowledge to put things together to turn it into a great meal !   Here's the  little secret I would like to share... sh..  sh.. don't tell anyone... dress up your food with  the garnishes.  Guala...! Your food is now going to look like a take out from 5 star hotel !  Here's a lovely way to garnish your food.

  Take a cucumber log and scoop out the seeds.  Take a thin long piece of cucumber and cut it length wise and tuck the alternate wings inside. Put Chocolate syrup dots and ketchup dots on the plate and drag it in the middle with a tooth pick, touching all the dots, to make it look like a heart shape.

Thin cucumber slices fanned out.


  1. Thanks for the tip about garnishing! It really does enhance the meal and how it looks! Especially when you cook at home, I just plop my food on a plate. But with a little bit of detail, it'll look like it came out from the restaurant!