Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa Claus Parade - Toronto

It's Toronto's tradition for more than 100 years, the Santa Claus Parade returned to put smiles on the faces of families and the little children all across the city. The elaborate celebration consisted of more than 25 different-themed floats, 22 bands, 100 celebrity clowns, more than 1,500 volunteers, and the big man himself, Santa. The clowns were throwing out lot of candies, balloons, and goodies for children. Children  playing around happily, making chalk art work on the streets. It also included free breakfast provided by President's Choice, free coffee and chocolate milk provided by McDonald's. Entertainment included, Magicians, Jugglers, Face painting, Music etc.

It was totally a fun event for the kids and families.  You are wondering why this is appearing in the food blog? Yes, I have seen some beautiful and interesting floats.  Here, I included some pics of the event, food related floats, chefs, etc. enjoy!


  1. Beautiful clicks. When does this event take place in Toronto? Looks exciting. Are you a resident of Toronto as well?

  2. This Event takes place in Downtown Toronto every year. It marks the official start of the Christmas celebrations. Usually happens sometime during the end of NOV. Yes, I am a resident of Toronto.