Monday, November 1, 2010

Raw peanut snack

This is the best snack ever. Feed your little friends with some plant based protein. Caution! watch for the peanut allergies .The markets are full of various sizes and different kinds of peanuts, salted, unsalted, spiced, roasted, blanched, chocolate covered, honey glazed etc. But, nothing like the fresh raw peanuts. While picking your peanuts make sure there is no fungus on it. Raw peanuts has moisture, which can quickly develop fungus. When we were little, This healthy snack used to be our after school snack.

Raw peanuts - 1 lb
coarse salt - 1 tsp
water - 2 cups

Wash the peanuts thoroughly, break the peanut shell, (making a small opening for the salt water to enter). Making sure it doesn't completely open.

Take a large container enough to hold the raw peanuts , pour water and add salt and boil until soft. Takes about 30- 45 mins.

Drain out the water and enjoy the snack.

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