Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kefir - product review

 Liberte Kefir- product review

Kefir is known to have more health benefits than regular yogurt. Yogurt helps to keep the digestive system clean and provides food for the friendly bacteria that are already present, but kefir goes above and beyond by helping to “colonize” or populate your intestinal system
This product was introduced by my hub's friend. It comes in a container similar to yogurt, it costs around   2-3 bucks. This product is available in all the major grocery stores like Loblaws, Longos etc. in the dairy section. 

When we purchased the product, the top of the container was sealed but puffed up. That is a good sign of fermentation, as per the product info. It comes in few fruit flavours with real fruit added. Like strawberry, raspberry, peach, vanilla and Plain kefir with no flavours.  The fruit flavoured kefir was too sour to taste. But, we got used to it. 

let me share some similarities and differences between yogurt and kefir for better understanding.

1. Kefir and yogurt both are milk products and have similar properties.
2. Both are cultured
3. Both contain live active bacteria and can be multiplied by adding a new batch of yogurt/ kefir to the warm milk.
4. Both have the similar look and texture and tastes almost the same

1. Fermentation process is different. Kefir is fermented with yeast and bacteria. Yogurt is fermented with bacteria only.
2.Kefir contains more friendly bacteria which colonize intestinal tract. That means, it multiplies inside the human body, which yogurt cannot. Yogurt has beneficial bacteria which helps clean the digestive system; also provides food to other friendly bacteria that are present in the digestive system.
3. Kefir is thinner in consistency and can be easily digested by babies and elderly people than yogurt. Yogurt is thick and dense.
4.The combination of yeast and bacteria in kefir, has more nutritional value than yogurt and keeps the colon clean and healthy.

Kefir starter is also available in the stores , in powdered form. 
The product is wonderful and we are still using it.

                                                                  Kefir starter

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