Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Men in the kitchen

Author: Hephzi
Edited by : Molly rodrigues

Can a MAN be a great cook??  Ofcourse, yes!  Most of the top chefs are men! If we take the numbers globally, men will out number the women. They've excelled in the area of cooking.  Infact, they make excellent cooks given a chance and  proper training. In large scale cooking, men are good in lifting the heavy dishes and can take the heat better than women in a commercial setting. My hub, cooks rarely at home, but when he does it it'll be something special.  I am glad he has some cooking knowledge. Let me put it simply, woman love a man, who can cook. Sanjeev Kapoor  a celebrity chef from India, once was asked in an interview " who does cooking at your home"?? The answer was " I like my wife's cooking better". When we were all young we got our first taste of  the delicious food made by  our Mothers/ Grandmother.  But when it comes to cooking, creativity, precision and a bit of confidence matters and not the gender.  But the fact remains; most men cannot cook. Some men think, it is not my cup of tea to worry about. They grab something served on the table and go... They don't even bother to know what ingredients are going in a particular recipe. Do they really need to know what the recipe calls for and what is going in particular recipe? Yes, because the food we eat will have effect on our over all health. Particularly if we have any medical conditions  or watching the weight, we need to know every detail about the food. As  food can give nourishment and healing to the body. As well as it can give adverse effects, if not choosen wisely or over doing it.  Unless we know what is going into our system, we cannot keep up or  maintain our health.   Irrespective of the gender,  knowledge of cooking is essential and good, gives us many health benefits. It helps us make wise and smart choices.  Helps us live happy and healthy lives.
                                                                My young chef

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