Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Falooda is a rose flavoured Muslim speciality, made with milk, cream, nuts and strands of vermicelli. This milk based drink is sold on the street sides of Hyderabad. The interesting part of this recipe is, adding the basil seeds in the drink. You put them in the drink , a white gelatinous layer forms in just few minutes. Nice texture and tastes great with the drink. It has good nutritional value too. when we were small ,we used to bargain with the street vendor to add more basil seeds. It is also called as "Chia "seeds.

2 cups milk
1 scoop vanilla ice- cream
1 tsp rose syrup
1/2 cup water
sugar 2 tsp
1 tsp basil seeds - soaked
Pistacio nuts - crushed
saboodana/ tapioca- 1 tsp cooked
vermicelli 2 tsps cooked
gello - 2 tbs set in the fridge, cut into cubes.

In a container mix milk, water, sugar, rose syrup . Add saboodana/ tapioca, vermicelli, basil seeds, Pistacio .   Now add the gello cubes.  Stir well,   pour into the glass and top it off with the ice-cream. ( I topped it with whip cream) Serve with a long spoon or big straw.
You can totally skip the topping, if you are watching your calorie intake.  It can still taste good.

Tip:  Add some ice-cream to the milk to get more taste. 

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