Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Black bean salsa

Black bean nutrition:
Black Beans are a wonderful source of dietary fiber to naturally help lower cholesterol. The high fiber content in Black Beans helps keep blood sugar levels from rising too rapidly after a meal, making them a wise choice for people with diabetes.  Black Beans are fat-free, rich source of protein., rich in antioxidants, to offer protection against heart disease, cancer and aging.

This Mexican recipe is sure to  increase your apetite.  The rich and vibrant colours tantalize your tastebuds.   Mexicans use a dash of mexican  beer "Dos equis" in this recipe. The recipe calls for red fresno, pasado chillies. But you can substitute this for whatever is quickly available.

Black bean salsa
Black beans - 1 cup, soaked, cooked
lemon juice - 1 tsp
Red hot chilli peppers  - 1 grilled , peeled and finely chopped
Red onion - 1 finely chopped
Olive oil
Coriander - 1 tbsp finely chopped
Lemon rind for garnishing

Take the cooked black bean in a bowl, add the chopped onions, red chillies, coriander, lemon juice, salt pepper, oil. Mix well, garnish, chill before serving.

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