Monday, August 30, 2010

Salad with Carrot flowers

" Food in its original form, adds years to your life and life to your years"

I created  this flower bouquet and the  salad platter for my neice's b'day. I got lot of appreciation for this... It became a piece of conversation, in the party.

Carrot  flowers - I will try my best to explain how to make the carrot flowers.   Peel the carrots. At the tip of the carrot , cut at a 45 degree angle to make the petals.  Go around  to make 4/ 5 petals.  Make sure you don't  cut it till the end. Once you are done with the cutting, slowly twist and detach the flower from the carrot. Here you go! you got a carrot flower.

Cucumber logs - wash the cucumbers and peel the skin, leaving strips of skin on it. You can do it with the crinkle side of the peeler. Cut it in logs .Using the apple core, take off the seeds/ centre, making a hole in the middle, for filling the dressing.

Dressing: The store bought dressing is too runny to fill the cucumbers. So, I made my own dressing.
Sour cream, cream cheese , salt, pepper, dill,

Setting the platter:


Carrot flowers
Cucumber logs
grapes - green and red globe grapes
Salad dressing

layer the platter with lettuce, and put the cucumber logs and fill the dressing in it and place the carrot flowers on top.  Arrange the grapes. sprinkle the platter with salt and pepper (optional) so the lettuce and other ingredients don't taste bland.

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