Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apple carving !

A beautifully carved Apple resting on a plate of dessert or fruit salad is the perfect dinner idea. I created the V shaped wedges to give the staggering effect.    An Apple Swan can also be created with with V shaped wedges on both sides to create the wings. Swan's face and neck can be created with a slice cut from the base and carved .  Fit the neck and head snugly in the body cavity with a small  tooth pick.  Those are my son's cute little hands.  My daughter picking the fresh Apple from the Apple tree, in a farm. 


Firm Apple
Pairing knife


Wash and dry the Apple and cut off the node.

With a sharp pairing knife, make two small V shaped wedges. on the top half of the Apple. Finish off the V shaped wedges with another 5 or 6 parellels with 1/4 " apart.

Push the wedges gently towards the back so that they are staggered to look like wings.

Tip: To prevent discolouration, sprinkle the whole apple with lemon juice.

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