Monday, October 25, 2010

My Mint Garden

I don't have lot of space to grow the plants, but out of interest, I just started growing mint this summer. Though, I took a course in gardening at Hyderabad Horticulture society, It took me a long time to understand the Canadian climatic conditions, seasons,  various plants,  soils, fertilizers etc.,  I feel there is close connection between gardening and cooking. Mint happens to be my favourite herb. It's so versatile, you can use it in various dishes,  use it as a garnish , make teas, add in lemonade..... It's strong aromatic flavour can transform any dish into something extrodinary.

Onion, Beetroot and Carrot flowers in my Mint garden. Doesn't it look beautiful!

Mint is a perennial. It needs moderate sunshine and lots of water. They grow well even in the shade. Mint is a strong growing plant, It can grow well in the pots as well as on the ground and spreads very easily.The trick is to continuously cut it back and restrict growth. Otherwise this herb will spread like wild fire through your garden . Frequently cutting will keep mints at their prettiest. It is easy to propagate them by seeds, cuttings and transplanting, once the root system is well established. There are so many varieties in mint spearmint, peppermint, curly mint, chocolate mint etc..

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